Increased Speed, Reliability and Performance of your Internet Connection

Next Generation Network Platform

Your network has changed. The technology that runs it hasn't. That's why Xrio have development a world class, Next Generation Network Operating System, together with Hardware and Software Devices to ensure your network runs better than your competition and you stay ahead of the game.

Yesterday's Network Edge Devices do little to optimise your network and increase reliability. Xrio have been delivering Link Aggregation and Failover solutions to its customers for over 10 years, but these days, we can do so much more. Thousands of customers use our products to deliver Fiber-like performance over low-cost connections such as ADSL and 3G. We do this by combining several technologies into a single device, all playing happily together, and at a price that is no more than the legacy solutions you're used to.

Link Aggregation

Our flagship technology, we make it possible to combine the speed and bandwidth of multiple Internet connections into a single faster connection, eliminating the need to upgrade to upgrade to other, more expensive technologies. As and when you deploy that new Cloud-based Application, just add another connection to suit and away you go. We have the market leading bonding algorithms.

Reliability & Failover

XriOS supports the widest range of connectivity types and protocols so you can eliminate downtime and protect again ISP failure. You could have an ADSL connection providing backup for your Fiber connection and even 3G. The XriOS Device itself can be configured in an High Availability pair to protect against hardware failure.

Performance Monitoring and Response

Using state of the art techniques developed over several years, XriOS is able to analyse key performance data on your network and not only report and alert but adapt and respond with corrective actions to ensure your network is always performing as well as it can.


The ease of management of the devices in your network is a key consideration for network administrators when choosing any network appliance. Xrio provide a wealth of management tools including an intuitive Command Line Interface, Xrio Enterprise our powerful Central Management System and a REST API allowing customers to integrate our devices into their own systems.

Our Clients

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